Why become a Fellow of Dental Sleep Medicine?

24 May 2023

The ASA is a unique association in that unlike most associations in the field of medical sciences, the ASA includes members from a range of medical and dental fields who all have a special interest in treating the issue of sleep disturbances. Because of this, members recognise and appreciate the expertise brought to the table by clinicians in other fields and aim to work together.  The beauty in this harmonious partnership results in not only a healthy respect between the different fields, but also the optimal outcome for the patient, who is the ultimate winner. 

To help facilitate this healthy working relationship between the various medical and dental fields, the ASA initiated the Fellow of Dental Sleep Medicine program (FDSM for short).  This certification program recognises dentists who have a thorough working knowledge and practical skills in dental sleep medicine. Once achieved, the FDSM post nominals help sleep physicians and other medical professionals to identify skilled dentists who can help treat patients with sleep abnormalities. The FDSM register can also be used by patients who may be looking for a suitably-qualified dentist to help with their sleep issues.

The ADA recently published an article on the FDSM which explains the process in more detail which can be found here

The understanding of sleep abnormalities is definitely on the rise both within the medical community and among the general public. If you are currently practising in dental sleep medicine and haven't already started or considered doing the fellowship, now might be a good time to look into it. You can contact Dr Dinukshi Daniels on [email protected] for more information or check out the ASA website.

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