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Melatonin use in children : the good, the bad, and the ugly 6 Mar 2024 Melatonin use has increased exponentially in the last few years both in neurodiverse children and typically developing children to assist with sleep difficulties. This is both through increased prescr... Read More
Health equity in sleep: #WorldSleepDay 15 Mar 2024 We know that Indigenous health inequities are unacceptable, and that the status quo can’t continue, but what do we know about inequities in sleep health for Indigenous populations? In this talk we wil... Read More


February 27 2024Australia's Sleep Revolution with Michael Mosley SBS TV is screening a three-part documentary starring Dr Michael Mosley that turns attention to Australia’s sleep health crisis and innovative approaches to treatmentaaa
February 26 2024New year advocacy update A quick update on the latest advocacy news, including our joint pre-budget submission with the Sleep Health Foundation, and regulatory advice for the Department of Health and Aged Careaaa
February 7 2024Psychologist Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia Education Program launched! To increase access to psychologists with CBTi training in Australia, the Australasian Sleep Association has been working with the Australian Psychological Society.aaa
September 28 2023New grant will upskill pharmacists on insomnia and sleep health The Australasian Sleep Association has won a two-year Commonwealth grant to increase the knowledge and skills of pharmacists on insomnia and sleep health. .aaa
August 15 2023Sleep health work with primary care nurses The Commonwealth grant has turned its attention toward identifying and promoting sleep health education resources to primary care nurses.aaa
August 9 2023MEDIA RELEASE Health sector welcomes government response on sleep recommendations The ASA has welcomed the federal government’s positive response last week to 11 sleep health recommendations tabled in 2019 and looks forward to collaborating on sleep health for shift workers, screen time for kids and other urgent prioritiesaaa
July 18 2023New GP podcasts featuring ASA experts! The Australasian Sleep Association GP Education subcommittee have been working with Health Ed to co-ordinate several sleep health podcasts featuring ASA experts.aaa
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