Prof Garun Hamilton

Monash Health, VIC

Garun Hamilton is a Respiratory and Sleep Disorders physician at Monash Health, the Epworth Sleep Centre and Monash University. He is Director of Sleep Research at Monash Health, where he is also head of the Respiratory failure and Non-invasive ventilation service.  His research and clinical interests are broad and are spread across a range of sleep disorders.


Past President

A/Prof Sutapa Mukherjee

Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health, SA

Sutapa Mukherjee is a respiratory and sleep physician at the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network and in private practice. She holds an adjunct appointment as Associate Professor, Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health, Flinders University. She is a sleep epidemiologist with particular interest in the genetics of sleep apnoea and sleep health.



Clinical Chair

Dr David Cunnington

Sunshine Coast Respiratory and Sleep ,QLD

Dr Cunnington is a specialist sleep physician at Sunshine Coast Respiratory and Sleep and co-founder and contributor to SleepHub ( His clinical practice covers all areas of sleep medicine, including snoring and sleep apnoea, disorders of sleepiness such as narcolepsy and hypersomnia and problems of getting to sleep and staying asleep such as insomnia and circadian rhythm disorders.

Clinical Chair roles and responsibilities

Conference Chair

Ms Teanau Roebuck
Alfred Sleep Service, VIC

Teanau is Chief Scientist at the Sleep Service at Alfred Health in Melbourne. She is also an Adjunct Lecturer in the Department of Neuroscience at Monash University.

Conference Chair roles and responsibilities


Education Chair

A/Prof Jasneek Chawla 

Queensland Children's Hospital, Brisbane

Dr Jas Chawla is a Paediatric Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Specialist at the Queensland Children’s Hospital, Brisbane and Senior Lecturer with the Children’s Hospital Queensland-Clinical Unit, University of Queensland.  Jas is an active clinician researcher with a specific interest in sleep and ventilation in children with disability, the relationship between sleep and long-term outcomes in children and the development of additional tools for the diagnosis and management of paediatric sleep disordered breathing.

Education Chair roles and responsibilities

Finance Chair

A/Prof Melinda Jackson

Monash University, VIC

Melinda Jackson is an academic and Director of Research Impact and Engagement in the School of Psychological Sciences and Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health, Monash University. She is also an Honorary Research Fellow at the Institute for Breathing and Sleep, Austin Health and a registered Psychologist.

Finance Chair roles and responsibilities


Membership Chair

Dr Camilla Hoyos
The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research

Camilla M. Hoyos, PhD, MPH is a sleep researcher in the Centre for Sleep and Chronobiology at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research and in the Faculty of Medicine, Human and Health Sciences at the Macquarie University. Her research focus is on conducting clinical trials to further understand the impacts of sleep disorders on health outcomes including cardio-metabolic health and cognitive decline. 

Research Chair

Dr Andrew Vakulin
Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health, Flinders University, SA

Andrew Vakulin is a senior researcher with an interest in the impact of sleep loss and sleep disorders on daytime sleepiness, sleep neurobiology and neurobehavioral function, particularly in relation to operational performance, motor vehicle accident risk and fall risk in older people with sleep disorders. More recently his research also investigates sleep measurement technology and digital decision support tools at the community, primary care and specialist settings. 

President, New Zealand Branch

Prof Barbara Galland

University of Otago, NZ

Barbara is a Research Professor at the Department of Women’s & Children’s Health at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. She has worked in children’s sleep health research since completing her PhD in 1989. Her research focuses on the impact of poor sleep across all paediatric age groups, with a current focus on adolescent sleep and the potential for later school start times to improve the health and wellbeing of senior students. 

Invited ANZSSA Representative

Mrs Nicole Verginis
Monash Children’s Hospital, VIC, President ANZSSA

Nicole is the Chief Clinical Scientist at the Melbourne Children’s Sleep Centre, Monash Children’s Hospital. Her interests include quality management, education and limited channel monitoring in paediatric sleep.


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