Welcome to Australasian Sleep Association

The ASA is the peak scientific body in Australia & New Zealand representing clinicians, scientists and researchers in the broad area of Sleep. A company limited by guarantee, ASA is run by a Board of Directors, consisting of elected members of the Association.

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  • Sleep DownUnder 2014

    Sleep DownUnder 2014

    Sleep DownUnder 2014 is will be held from 9-11 October 2014 at the Perth Convention Centre.
    To register for the conference click here.
    To submit an abstract click here

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  • Oral Sleep Medicine Course 2014

    Oral Sleep Medicine Course 2014

    The 7th Annual Oral Sleep Medicine Course will be held from 7-8 October 2014 at the Perth Convention Centre.

    More details will be available shortly

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  • The Medical Journal of Australia

    The Medical Journal of Australia

    Sleep disorders: a practical guide for Australian health care practitioners

    This supplement was sponsored by the
    Australasian Sleep Association and the Sleep Health Foundation.

    To view please click here

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  • Information for Health Professionals

    Information for Health Professionals

    ASA has a series of information sheets aimed to assist Health Professionals understand a number of important issues affecting sleep. This month's information sheet in focus is 'Insomnia'. Please click here to view the brochure

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  • SHF's Information Library

    SHF's Information Library

    This checklist was prepared by the Sleep Health Foundation to provide health professionals and patients with a useful guide to finding information on specific sleep disorders. Each of the topics listed refers to an information sheet that is available from the Foundation Website here.

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  • Sleep Medicine and Sleep Services in Australasia.

    Sleep Medicine and Sleep Services in Australasia.

    As part of the 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting, a special history session was organised. To view the video click here

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Latest News

  • Interrupted Sleep Can Be As Harmful As No Sleep

    10th Jul 14

    A new study, published in the journal Sleep Medicine, explains why interrupted sleep can be as physically detrimental as no sleep at all.

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  • To cry or not to cry

    1st Jul 14

    Interesting sleep related information from associated professional group [Australian Psychological Society]. Dr Sarah Blunden reviews the current evidence and practice of managing behavioural sleep issues and crying in infants and discusses the pro/con of the available interventions.

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  • Psychologist questions teen screen advice

    18th Jun 14

    An hour of screen time immediately before bed is fine for most teenagers, according to research by an Australian university.

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