Welcome to Australasian Sleep Association

The ASA is the peak scientific body in Australia & New Zealand representing clinicians, scientists and researchers in the broad area of Sleep. A company limited by guarantee, ASA is run by a Board of Directors, consisting of elected members of the Association.

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  • Sleep DownUnder 2014

    Sleep DownUnder 2014

    Sleep DownUnder 2014 is will be held from 9-11 October 2014 at the Perth Convention Centre.
    To register for the conference click here. For all media enquiries please contact Lucy Williams on 0403 753 028 or lawilliam@bigpond.com to access spokespeople for media interviews

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  • Oral Sleep Medicine Course 2014

    Oral Sleep Medicine Course 2014

    The 7th Annual Oral Sleep Medicine Course will be held from 7-8 October 2014 at the Perth Convention Centre.

    More details will be available shortly

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  • The Medical Journal of Australia

    The Medical Journal of Australia

    Sleep disorders: a practical guide for Australian health care practitioners

    This supplement was sponsored by the
    Australasian Sleep Association and the Sleep Health Foundation.

    To view please click here

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  • Information for Health Professionals

    Information for Health Professionals

    ASA has a series of information sheets aimed to assist Health Professionals understand a number of important issues affecting sleep. This month's information sheet in focus is 'Insomnia'. Please click here to view the brochure

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  • SHF's Information Library

    SHF's Information Library

    This checklist was prepared by the Sleep Health Foundation to provide health professionals and patients with a useful guide to finding information on specific sleep disorders. Each of the topics listed refers to an information sheet that is available from the Foundation Website here.

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  • Sleep Medicine and Sleep Services in Australasia.

    Sleep Medicine and Sleep Services in Australasia.

    As part of the 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting, a special history session was organised. To view the video click here

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Latest News

  • Lack of sleep creates false memories

    25th Jul 14

    Next time you're arguing black and blue with someone who is assuring you you're wrong, consider how much sleep you've been getting.

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  • Interrupted Sleep Can Be As Harmful As No Sleep

    10th Jul 14

    A new study, published in the journal Sleep Medicine, explains why interrupted sleep can be as physically detrimental as no sleep at all.

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  • To cry or not to cry

    1st Jul 14

    Interesting sleep related information from associated professional group [Australian Psychological Society]. Dr Sarah Blunden reviews the current evidence and practice of managing behavioural sleep issues and crying in infants and discusses the pro/con of the available interventions.

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