New ASA webinar series

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New ASA webinar series

7 May 2020

A new ASA webinar series is being launched today to help members stay up to date while we can’t meet in person. There will be a webinar roughly every two weeks from the end of May for the rest of this year.

We’re keen to experiment with formats and timings to see what works well for members, so every time you attend a webinar, we’ll ask you to take a minute to provide us with your feedback. 

You’ll need to register via our website for each webinar you’d like to attend, and it’s free for ASA members. Non-members are welcome to attend as well, but we’ll charge them a registration fee. If any of your colleagues are interested in the webinar program, perhaps it’s time to encourage them to become ASA members!

We’ll be recording each webinar, and members will be able to access these for free from our online Education Centre.

A list of all the upcoming webinars will appear in each issue of eNews. You can also check what’s on its way on the ASA’s Events listing.

You can register now for the first webinars in the series.

Date        Topic Speakers
 27 May      Sensitivity to light and vulnerability for  sleep and mood disorders
 Elise McGlashan
 10 June           How to formulate a technically correct clinical research question for your next project or review
A two-hour lecture and workshop
 Nathaniel Marshall
 15 June Supporting clients with hypersomnia disorders: patient perspectives and non-pharmacological approaches
 Moira Junge 
 Simon Frenkel
 Jac Tomlins