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How to get involved in your Association

The association benefits greatly from the enthusiasm and commitment of its members, and welcome all members who would like to contribute. If you are interested in joining any of our committees, working parties, or even the Board, please email Mischka Yates at  communications@sleep.org.au indicating the area that you are interested in, and a brief explanation of why you would like to be involved in that committee/working party. 

The Chair of the particular committee will receive and review all requests. If vacancies do not exist when your email is received, your details will be kept on record and considered when vacancies do become available.

Nominations for Board positions are sent out along with the notice of the AGM, in August each year.  All members are welcome to nominate themselves or another member. A vibrant Association will have many people nominating for positions on the governing body.

Provision of world standard research, education and training, and establishment of clinical standards to ensure clinical best practice in sleep medicine resulting in an informed community with healthy sleep practices.

The mission of the Australasian Sleep Association (ASA) is to lead and promote sleep health and sleep science in Australia and New Zealand and to facilitate the professional development by providing education and training, fostering research and establishing clinical standards within the field.

Currently we have six membership categories;

Full Membership: The most comprehensive, and is open to those involved in the management of sleep disorders or sleep research; Membership includes the right to vote on Association matters and eligibility to become a Board member, promote themselves as Members of the ASA, and have an entry in the Services Directory on the ASA website.

Emeritus Membership: An honorary membership, awarded by the Board for those who have given continuously over many years to support the ASA.

Associate Membership:Providing an introduction to the Association for those not currently eligible to commence as a Full Member.

Sustaining Membership: For those working for companies with a product in the sleep market. 

Student and Retired Membership: These levels of membership entitle members to sit on Committees and sub-committees, other than the Board

The Association is governed by a Board of Directors, which is elected by the full membership. Nominees to the Board must hold a Full Membership of the ASA. Any Full Member is entitled to nominate for the Board, although prior to doing so they would normally have served on one of the Committees, Subcommittees and/or Working Parties.

New Zealand Branch
The New Zealand Branch of ASA was established in October 2012. The NZ Branch Executive Committee manages the affairs of the NZ Branch. Call for nominations for membership of the Executive Committee are made annually. The nominees and those nominating them must be current financial members of the Australasian Sleep Association and be residing in New Zealand.

Standing Committees 
The ASA Board forms six Standing Committees. Each Committee has at least one Board Member who would normally Chair the Committee.

Research: make recommendations to the Board on matters of research and research education relevant to the objects of the association. 

 Conference: make recommendations to the Board on matters relating to the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM), management of pre-conference short courses and other conference related matters.

Education: make recommendations to the Board on matters relating to education of the membership/ primary carers and/or the general public.

Membership: make recommendations to the Board on matters relating to membership services

Finance: make recommendations to the Board on matters of financial budgeting, income, expenditure and investments of ASA funds.

Clinical: make recommendations to the Board on matters of clinical practice in sleep disorders and the regulation of such clinical practice.

Members are invited by the Chair to join a Standing Committee. This may be someone who has been identified as having expertise in a particular area, someone who has expressed an interest and has served  on a subcommittee or working party, or someone who has been  selected from members who have responded to a call for Expressions of Interest.  

Subcommittees are established with the aim of working on a particular issue.  They report to one of the Standing Committees and the Subcommittee Chair will generally attend the relevant Standing Committee meeting. Current subcommittees are:

Education: GP, Nursing, Pharmacy, Behavioural Management of Sleep Disorders, Advanced Trainee

Membership: Subcommittee of ASA Councils, Indigenous Sleep Health

Clinical: Sleep Service Accreditation Advisory; Medicines 

Working Parties 
Working parties are established for a set term to undertake a particular task such as writing guidelines and developing submissions in response to calls from the Government for issues relevant to the ASA. These have fixed terms, and are dissolved when tasks assigned to them are completed.

Members are invited to sit on Subcommittees and Working Parties, based on their interests, and expertise.  Expressions of Interest to sit on Committees or working parties are regularly circulated to the membership.

Councils are based around the special interests of members. Currently there are ten Councils:

Primary Care, Sleep Physicians, Surgery, Occupational Health, Strategy and Performance, Respiratory, Paediatric, Neuroscience, Insomnia, Dental Sleep Medicine and Chronobiology.

All members are encouraged to belong to at least one Council, and should indicate those Councils they wish to participate in on their sign-up/renewal forms each year. Councils are expected to contribute content  to the conference, educational, clinical and research activities of the ASA.

Councils meet at least once per year at the Sleep DownUnder conference, where two Co-Chairs are elected.  Councils have a varying amount of activity throughout the year, but the aim is to share knowledge and support with members with similar interests.

For more information on any of these opportunities to help meet the aims and objectives of the ASA please visit the website www.sleep.org.au or contact Mischka Yates, Communications Manager at communications@sleep.org.au