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Sleep is the third pillar of good health, together with a healthy diet and moderate exercise.

This is the message that the Australasian Sleep Association, Sleep Health Foundation and other stakeholders have been driving home to our political leaders. It is backed up with robust data highlighting the magnitude of health issues related to poor sleep and sleep disorders, and the marked individual, economic and social benefits associated with their effective treatment.

Our efforts resulted in the Federal Government establishing a Parliamentary Inquiry into Sleep Health Awareness. The Inquiry received over 130 submissions and held public hearings around the country. The report, and its 11 recommendations, were tabled in Parliament in April 2019. The Australasian Sleep Association and Sleep Health Foundation are now working with Government to implement these recommendations. 

Bedtime reading - Inquiry into sleep health awareness in Australia

The Federal Government Report on the Inquiry into Sleep Health Awareness

Bedtime reading - Inquiry into sleep health awareness in Australia

Sleep in Parliament report

A report describing the sleep habits of people working at Parliament House, Canberra. 

Sleep Health in Australia’s Federal Parliament House