Application for Membership

Associate, Student, Retired and Sustaining members have all the rights and privileges of full members, except that they may not exercise voting rights, are not eligible for election to the Board of ASA, and cannot promote themselves as Member of the ASA on stationery or websites.

Application for Student Membership should include proof of student status (eg a photocopy of current student registration card) and be signed by a supervisor.

Membership is on an annual basis finishing on 30 Jun. All renewals will be at the annual fee. 

The ASA will consider a reduced fee membership for individuals from emerging health systems. To be considered contact the Secretariat.

"No refunds will be made on membership once an individual has been accepted for membership"


  • Full Membership

    $314.00 incl GST
    Our most comprehensive membership, including ability to vote on Association matters and eligibility to become a Board member. 

  • Associate Membership

    $238.00 incl GST
    Membership for those interested in sleep medicine or sleep research, but who may not fulfill the eligibility criteria for Full Membership.

  • Student Membership

    $78.00 incl GST
    Membership to ASA for those currently undertaking full-time undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

  • Sustaining Membership

    $314.00 incl GST
    Available to any person representing a company, business or other organisation with a commercial interest in sleep.

  • Retired Membership

    $78.00 incl GST
    Retired Membership status is reserved for current members who upon their retirement, wish to remain a member of the ASA.

  • Emeritus Membership

    Admission to become an Emeritus member is upon recommendation of the Membership Committee, and is approved by an AGM vote.