NHMRC and ARC Fellowship Recipients in Sleep

NHMRC Fellowship and Development Grant Announcements

Congratulations to the following individuals and teams who collectively were awarded over $1.4m for their sleep-related applications in this round.

Early Career Fellowship (Public Health) “Impact of sleep in pregnancy on maternal and child weight-related outcomes” Dr Michelle Blumfield, Monash University, $318,768

The project aims to reduce obesity in future generations by understanding the link between sleep in pregnancy and weight-related health outcomes (diet, weight gain, body composition, glucose tolerance).

Research Fellowship “Respiratory phenotyping for new targeted approaches to treat sleep apnoea” Associate Professor Danny Eckert, University of New South Wales, $631,370

This project aims to use and develop novel approaches to identify the causes of sleep apnoea on a per patient basis, improve current therapies and test if new targeted therapies can be used to treat obstructive sleep apnoea in appropriately selected patients.

Development Grant, “In search of airways collapse - A multimodal device for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnoea” $479,786

The members of the research team from Flinders University listed below including Peter Catcheside and Doug McEvoy based at the Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health as well as Peter Eastwood from the University of Western Australia aim to develop a new multimodal diagnostic device that includes pressure and temperature profiling, impedance spectroscopy, and direct video imaging to provide the ability to locate and characterize multiple points of collapse and airway narrowing using a single diagnostic instrument.

CIA Professor John Arkwright
CIB Associate Professor Taher Omari
CIC Associate Professor Peter Catcheside
CID Professor Peter Eastwood
CIE Professor Andrew Carney
CIF Professor Karen Reynolds
CIG Professor R. Douglas McEvoy


Early Career Fellows

Recipients Fellowship Type Years
Peter Eastwood CJ Martin - Overseas Biomedical 1996-1999
Jason Kirkness CJ Martin - Overseas Biomedical 2005-2009
Danny Eckert CJ Martin - Overseas Biomedical 2008-2012
Craig Phillips Peter Doherty - Australian Biomedical 2009-2012
David Wang Health Professional Research 2009-2013
Kristina Kairaitis Health Professional Research 2010-2014
Heidi Richardson CJ Martin - Overseas Biomedical 2010-2013
Scott Sands CJ Martin - Overseas Biomedical 2011-2014
Christian Nicholas Peter Doherty - Australian Biomedical 2011-2014
Andrew Vakulin Australian Clinical Research 2012-2016
Brad Edwards CJ Martin - Overseas Biomedical 2012-2015
Julian Saboisky Australian Clinical Research 2012-2015
Melinda Jackson Peter Doherty - Australian Biomedical 2013-2016
Sarah Biggs Peter Doherty - Australian Biomedical 2013-2016
Ching Li Chai-Coetzer Health Professional Research 2014-2017
Rowan Ogeil Peter Doherty - Australian Biomedical 2014-2017

Career Development Fellows

Peter Eastwood RD Wright (Biomedical) 2004-2007
Danny Eckert RD Wright (Biomedical) 2013-2016
Craig Phillips Clinical - Level 1 2014-2017
Harriet Hiscock Clinical - Level 2 2014-2017

Senior Research and Practitioner Fellows

Ronald Grunstein Practitioner Fellowship - Level I 2002-2006
Doug McEvoy Practitioner Fellowship - Level I 2005-2009
Rosemary Horne Senior Research Fellow 2005-2014
Ronald Grunstein Practitioner Fellowship - Level II 2007-2016
Peter Eastwood Senior Research Fellow 2008-Present
Doug McEvoy Practitioner Fellowship - Level II 2010-2014
John Wheatley Practitioner Fellowship 2010-2014
Doug McEvoy Practitioner Fellowship - Level II 2015-2019
Lynne Bilston Research Fellowship 2015-2019
Ronald Grunstein Senior Principal Research Fellowship 2016-2020


Recipient Fellowship Type Years
Amy Jordan Future Fellowship 2011-2015
Peter Catcheside Future Fellowship 2012-2016
Jon Quach DECRA 2014-2016

NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Development Fellowships

Recipient Fellowship Type Years
Camilla Hoyos Early Career Fellowship 2016-2019
Shantel Duffy Early Career Fellowship 2016-2019
Angela D'Rozario Early Career Fellowship 2016-2019

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If you are a recipient of a competitive NHMRC, ARC or HRC fellowship in sleep and you do not see your name on the list, please forward the relevant details to membership@sleep.org.au

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