How to use the ASA system

Introduction to the Australasian Sleep Association's website.

We have done a lot more than a new design. We are using a new architecture that integrates a number of the Association’s functions and features for you as a member.

The new search directory now has Google Mapping and allows members to update their details.

Click here to access the directory:

The directory gives visitors to the site the ability to search for a sleep service on key word, location and/or the client’s location.

To log in use the login box (pictured to the right) which you will find on the home page.

If you are a member you should have received your login details by email. When typing your password please remember it is case sensitive. If you can't remember it there is an easy "Forgot your password?" link that will resend it to the email address we have registered for your profile. If this has changed please let us know.

You are now able to access the "Members' Section" which has information that is restricted to you alone. You also have access to a number of new features through the "My Account" link.

In the "My Account" section you can select and find information on:

  • Your Memberships
  • Your Events
  • Your Orders and Tax Invoices
  • Update Your Details
  • Change Password

To find out more about this please watch this very short video (2 minutes).

Please take a wander through your new website. We welcome any feedback you have.

For further information contact us on 02 9920 1968 or email

Latest News

  • Losing sleep kills brain cells

    21st Mar 14

    Not getting enough sleep could cause up to 25 percent of certain brain cells to die, according to US scientists.

    The team from the University of Pennsylvania kept lab mice awake to simulate working night shifts, giving them three days with only four to five hours sleep per 24 hours.

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  • World Sleep Day – Friday 14th March - Targets Children

    13th Mar 14

    ASA & SHF Media Release for World Sleep Day

    "You need a good night's sleep if you want to grow strong, think clearly and feel good," says sleep researcher Dr Sarah Biggs, coordinator of the event co-hosted by the Australasian Sleep Association and Sleep Health Foundation.

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  • The upslope of nocturnal melatonin profiles

    10th Feb 14

    A Flinders University study compared nocturnal melatonin profiles of individuals with Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder and normal sleepers during a 22-hour modified constant routine involving constant bed rest in dim light (<10 lux). 


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