Insomnia & Sleep Health

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To act as a focus for those members of the ASA who have an interest in Insomnia and its treatment. Insomnia is a common and distressing difficulty in falling asleep, going back to sleep or waking too early.




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General Information about Insomnia [link]

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders [link]

Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome [link]

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Latest News

  • Interrupted Sleep Can Be As Harmful As No Sleep

    10th Jul 14

    A new study, published in the journal Sleep Medicine, explains why interrupted sleep can be as physically detrimental as no sleep at all.

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  • To cry or not to cry

    1st Jul 14

    Interesting sleep related information from associated professional group [Australian Psychological Society]. Dr Sarah Blunden reviews the current evidence and practice of managing behavioural sleep issues and crying in infants and discusses the pro/con of the available interventions.

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  • Psychologist questions teen screen advice

    18th Jun 14

    An hour of screen time immediately before bed is fine for most teenagers, according to research by an Australian university.

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